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About me and the tours

I once learned something completely different - cooking. But around 18 years as a chef were enough - then there was a complete turning point in my life and I became a hiking guide - for 7 years. Unfortunately, this job no longer existed in this form and I went to school for 2 years to learn something new again - Austria Guide = city/tour guide. In Austria, working as a city guide is not that easy, you need an exam, you have to open a business and be insured. But the guest also has the guarantee that they will get a well-founded tour. Even back then I wanted to transport the guests myself, but this was not possible without a little bit complicated way. Since 2021 it has been regulated differently by law and I took the chance to open an additional business - I am now allowed to drive a taxi myself - even to open a taxi company. 

My offer combines 2 things - private transport and private guided tour. You don't want to get on a coach or train - you don't want to spend the day with a large group of strangers in a hectic and tight schedule - then you've come to the right place! You don't need a train ticket or work out routes, you don't need an additional guide on site, you go sightseeing on your own and don't have to wait for others. You decide on the breaks and stops during the journey - you choose the highlights of the day yourself and we will stay there as long as you want. That is the big advantage of my day tours. 

Another advantage - you don't care about anything and leave the planning to me. The easy way for the easy day ... :-)

Hence my new additional offer: Drive & Guide, the tours start in Tyrol to all possible directions - e.g. Italy (Merano, Bozen, Trient, Dolomites, Vinschgau etc ..) or Bavaria (Munich, Bad Tölz, Augsburg, Ludwigs Castles like Neuschwanstein, Chiemsee, Burghausen etc ..) or Switzerland (Lucerne, Chur, Zurich, Bern, St.Gallen, Interlaken etc ...) but of course also Salzburg, Lake Constance, Berchtesgaden+Königsee, Eagles-Nest and Kehlsteinhaus,  Krimml Waterfalls, Kitzbühel and so much more. I would be very happy if you would book an individual day trip with the added value of a complete package, you can contact me at any time.